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“JooooooooAwesome” About a year ago, I told a friend, in passing, that I was exploring home ownership. She enthusiastically recommended JoAnn. At the time, I wasn’t actively looking and had been working with someone. This someone did not really care, she seemed more interested in her commission and forgot about the advocacy and attention part of real estate. I figured, you know, let’s see, it won’t hurt to talk with JoAnn. After one conversation, well, that was the last time I had anything to do with the no-care agent. JoAnn is pure CLASS. She is tenacious and zealous about her clients. She cares in such a palpable and genuine way, it will equally move and convict you. Her love for her job spills over to how she treats you—with warmth and compassion. She works tirelessly, passionately, and constantly for every client. She does not give up until you are happy. Talk about the epitome of grace, kindness, and professionalism. She is efficient, accessible, knowledgeable, extremely organized and specialized as a real-estate agent. She sees every part of home ownership through. She attends every showing, walkthrough, closing. Nothing about home searching, selling, buying is lost on her, she pours everything into her niche and her clients. It is really hard to find people of character and integrity in life and in any profession these days, but not JoAnn. Her character and integrity are bar none.

Ada Teme

Satisfied Customer

I highly recommend JoAnn! I purchased my first home with her and she was instrumental in making the process extremely smooth. She listens and truly caters to the needs and desires of her clients. So blessed to have had her as my realtor and trust me you will feel the same way too.

Altanese Phenelus

Satisfied Customer

I highly recommend JoAnn Lewis. It was my first time dealing with things like condo associations, etc. She was reliable, accessible and genuinely concerned that I got the best value for my money. Whether buying, selling or even renting JoAnn is the one you should call.

Anthony & Kendrica Littlejohn

Satisfied Customers

It is my pleasure to highly recommend JoAnn Lewis who was integral in assisting me in my most recent home venture. She is professional and kind. And someone I have known for over 30 years. It was my first time dealing with things like condo associations, etc. She was reliable, accessible and genuinely concerned that I got the best value for my money. Whether buying, selling or even renting JoAnn is the one you should call.

Adeline Lubin

Satisfied Customer

I was thrilled to have JoAnn Lewis as my Realtor. She responded very quickly to every email, text and phone call, gave great advice, and was extremely patient and attentive to all my requirements for my new home. She works VERY hard for her clients and best of all, gets results! You won't go wrong with JoAnn as your realtor, I recommend her highly!

Sherly Pierre-Pierre

Satisfied Customer

Working with JoAnn Lewis has been the most amazing experience. She was knowledgeable, patient and understood what was important for myself and my family. Her professionalism was outstanding. Looking forward to working with her again in the very near future.

Patricia Laurenceau Jean-Louis

Satisfied Customer

Words cannot describe the impeccable quality of service my family received from Realtor, JoAnn Lewis as she graciously assisted us in identifying and securing a safe residence for my son who was relocating from South Carolina to Miami. JoAnn operated in the spirit of excellence as she listened intently to our housing requests and within a few days had reported back with a suggested location. Due to our inability to conduct our own site visit, JoAnn toured the residence, providing photos and videos of the site. Her efficient attention to detail motivated us to secure the residence immediately. Upon moving in, JoAnn greeted us personally and met us upon arrival. My son has been living in his new condo for approximately 1 year and has thoroughly enjoyed his relocating experience. Thank you JoAnn for serving as a quality realtor who makes relocating a convenient reality.

Bishop Herbert C. Crump, Jr.

Satisfied Customers from South Carolina

JoAnn is absolutely AMAZING. My friend, who she helped find her house, introduced me to JoAnn and hold me how amazing she is. I was working with two other realtors before, but I wasn't getting anywhere. So I decided to go with her, it was the best decision I made. I found my house within a month and it was exactly what I wanted. From the moment we made contact, she was very professional. She sent me a detailed email explaining the process and as a first time homeowner, I appreciated that so much. She made me feel so comfortable and she is very respectful. She went out of her way a lot of times researching bus and train routes and the costs, when I considered moving more north, since I work in Miami-something she did not have to do. She kept me up to date about everything and followed up with everyone to make sure everything was getting done. She was with me every step and answered every question I had late nights and early mornings. The seller's realtor wasn't even there with him when we closed or even at the showing and even after we closed, the seller told her that he would be using her to help sell his mother's house. That's how great she is. At closing she brought me flowers and a little gift card to help me get a fixture that I had to replace. Again, something she did not have to do. I really could go on and on, but the point is, she is an amazing realtor and person. She actually cares about you and what you want. She is not in it for the money. Her passion is obvious and I am blessed to have met her!! Thank you so much JoAnn and love you tons!!!

TerryAnn Howell

Satisfied Customer

When I Say GOD IS GOOD.......God Blessed us with a 4 bedroom 2 bath home and my heart is still leaping with Joy. I'm still in tears mode You know when You can find the words to say so You just cry tears of Joy. To Our Amazing Realtor JoAnn Lewis. When I say You went above & beyond making sure this process went smooth & even when it got challenging You fought for Us like it was You're Own Personal Deal.....Thank You for being so dedicated & relentless.....You Made Yourself excessable to Us whether Morning, Noon, Night, Early Morning, or Late Nights......I told You We Trust You Because I Heard God speak "Trustworthy" and I couldn't imagine going through this process with anyone other than You......If You're looking for a Trustworthy, Dynamic, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Loving, Awesome, & God-Fearing, & Can't forget Praying Realtor Who will fight for You then please checkout JoAnn Lewis You will not be disappointed........I can't wait for Our next adventure (Investment Properties).

Tramond & Hyacinth Toles

Satisfied Customer

JoAnn Lewis was our daughter and son in law's agent when they bought their condo a couple of years ago and they not only think the world of her and the services she rendered them but she has since become like family to them. So there was no second guessing who to go to when we thought of real estate in the area and of course she did not disappoint but has gone over and above. Handling follow up on the inspection and getting relevant professionals to fix, inspect or replace things; linking us to service providers e.g electric company or even professionally arranging a cleaner to get the place ready for our occupancy after final walkthrough and closing (which she also personally paid for as a gift to us) were all handled promptly and very well by JoAnn. Her tagline is 'if you're not happy, I'm not' and she demonstrated that over and over during the process of buying our new place. She was such an advocate and a consummate professional that even the Seller's agent acknowledged that she's a 'rock star' from whom she learnt so much. In appreciation she even brought her a token gift that she presented to her in our presence at the final walkthrough telling us 'you worked with the best', a fact well done known by us already! In every respect JoAnn went beyond the call of duty and selflessly so! JoAnn is all these qualities and more. She discharges all her duties very calmly yet firmly when she has to stand up for us (her clients). She is unruffled and is dependable as well. Although this was not a new homeowner buying experience for us, in all our past experiences, JoAnn tops all previous agents we have had (and we have had done pretty good ones in the past) and with the respect she has accorded us all through this transaction, she is now also family and we will not hesitate to use her again if needed or recommend her to family and friends. Like our daughter, she is one to us going forward also!.

Clement & Olusola Ojeh.

Satisfied Customers

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